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  Platinum Series Chrome Bulbs


Warranty Details

Terms:  The lifetime warrantee applies only to the Chrome Platinum Series Bulbs.   It does not apply to the Titanium Series or Chrome Dome Series or any other bulbs.  Warrantee is limited to replacement of merchandise only, and does not provide refund of purchase price.   Warrantee covers the initial purchaser only.  Proof of purchase is required which consists of the original purchasers ship-to name, the email address used to place the order and the month and year of purchase.

Product must be returned to the seller at the buyers expense.  We will not reimburse for shipping expense.    In order to minimize cost, we recommend shipping via US Postal First Class Mail.  

The following must be included with the returns in order to receive a free warrantee replacement:

1. Ship-To Name (This must match the name used to place the initial order):  __________________________

2.  Email address (This must match the email address used to place the initial order):  __________________________

3.  Purchase Month and Year:  __________________________

4.  A nominal charge of $2.00 per bulb shall be paid by the buyer to cover testing, administrative + shipping & handling of the returns.  This covers the cost of normal first class mail delivery back to the customer.  We will not be responsible for any premium shipping charges.  If requested, premium shipping must be paid by the buyer.

Return address:

Ctlumination Returns

PO Box 1642

Higley, AZ 85236-164 2

Any product returned to us that is found to not be defective or is not covered under the limited warrantee as described below shall only be returned at the buyers expense.  We suggest that you contact us at superlumination@cox.net to get a pre-approval prior to sending any returns.

Warrantee Covers:

  • Any products failures that occur during normal use.

  • Burned out filaments.

  • Bulbs that will not light, or partially light.

  • Missing or flaked off chrome.

Warrantee does not cover:

  • Shipping damage.  This is covered by shipping insurance (if purchased).

  • Abuse and physical damage.

  • Broken glass.

  • Bulbs exposed to greater than 15 volts.

  • Lost or discarded items.

  • Incorrect bulb sizes.

  • Discoloration of chrome.

  • Melted or broken bases.

  • Broken or missing electrical contacts.

UPIC Shipping Insurance

Note: Our packages are not automatically insured against loss during shipping.  Insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser!
$2.00 for each $100 unit of insurance

Shipping Insurance

$2.00 per $100

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